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ISTD Modern & Tap Syllabus


The examination structure of the ISTD is designed to cater equally for those who wish to progress to making dance their profession, either as a performer or dance teacher, and for those pursuing dance purely as a leisure activity.

The teaching qualifications are structured to give the new teacher the best possible foundation from which to work, with a particular emphasis on safe dance practice and the needs of the growing child.



Grade Examinations may be taken in Modern Theatre & Tap. Grades 1-6 are accredited by Ofqual, but some Faculties have additional Grades prior to Grade 1, that is, Pre-Primary and Primary.


Class Examinations

Class Examinations may be taken in Classical Ballet (Cecchetti and Imperial methods), Classical Greek and Modern Theatre.


Vocational Grades

The Vocational Grades are accredited by Ofqual and include Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. These examinations form a cohesive bridge between the work covered in the Grades and the work of the professional examinations.



It’s helpful to know that ISTD students can now receive UCAS points for ISTD Level 3 Graded and Vocational Graded qualifications.


This applies to the following ISTD examinations:

♦ Grade 6 accredited on the National Qualifications Framework between August 2001 and August 2010;

♦ Grade 6 regulated on the Qualifications and Credit Framework from 1st September 2010;

♦ Intermediate regulated on the Qualifications and Credit Framework from 1st September 2010.

If any ISTD student has taken their Grade 6 and/or Intermediate  at the times specified above, they can receive the following UCAS points. The number of points they can get depends on how well they did in their examination (i.e. Distinction, Merit or Pass).




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