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School Policies


Admissions Policy

Heatherlea School of Dance welcomes children from the age of 3 years of age due to insurance provision and facilities available. It is our policy that all pupils under the age of 16 should be dropped off and collected by a responsible adult who has been introduced to the teacher in charge. The School will only accept responsibility for a pupil on commencement of their lesson time. Prior to this time is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. A register is taken at the beginning of every class to ascertain pupil numbers to comply with fire regulations etc. We expect all pupils to show good attendance and be punctual for lessons ensuring that the correct class uniform is worn at all times. It is also requested that all pupils ensure their hair is tied back in a neat secure hair style. Smart appearance is extremely important. 

We require details about your child. You are requested to complete the enclosed registration form and sign consents where necessary to enable us to provide the best possible provision for your child protect you from a variety of liability issues.



Payments Policy

The Heatherlea School of Dance operates fees on a standing order monthly collection. This has proved to be an efficient system and allows families to budget accordingly as the amount required is exactly the same each month.A notice is distributed at the beggining of a term which states how many lessons occur within the set period and the payment required monthly by standing order for this period. All sessions must be paid for regardless of whether your child attends or not. All fees must be paid for on time. Failure to make payment by the end of the month will result in a 10% charge and could also result in your child losing their place. 

New members to the school have a 4 lesson introduction period where lessons can be paid for on attendance- after this time they will be placed on a monthly standing order payment system.

Sickness Policy

At the Heatherlea School of Dance staff are committed to health and well-being of all pupils within their care. Should a child be taken ill whilst at their lesson the following procedures will apply :
· Should a pupil inform a staff member that they are feeling unwell, or a pupil is obviously unwell the child will be made comfortable and observed for a short period of time to assess the situation.
· Staff will contact the pupils parent/guardian to inform them that their child is unwell and will require picking up. Should the parent/guardian be unobtainable then we will make contact with the person named as emergency contact on the child registration form.
· When the designated person arrives to collect the pupil a verbal report about the nature of the illness will be given.

In the interest of health and well-being of all children who attend classes any child suffering from the following conditions should refrain from attending lessons until medical advice and treatment has been sought and the condition is no longer infectious :
· Discharge from eyes, ears or nose
· Spots or rashes
· Vomiting and diarrhoea
An accident book is kept at the studio. The purpose of having the book is to record any accident that may happen on the premises however small or trivial they may seem. Should an accident occur the member of staff present will request a signature form the pupils parent/guardian as well as their own signature.

Complaints Procedure

All complaints will be dealt with promptly and with confidentially. The following action should be taken :
· Approach a member of staff who will record your complaint or comment and ask you to sign it. After a full investigation into the matter the staff member will report back to you with a decision of any action as to be taken regarding your comment or complaint.

Equal Opportunties

It is the responsibility of all members of staff of the Heatherlea School of dance to ensure that all the children who attend our school are treated fairly and on an equal basis. The responsibility will extend to all parents and guardians.It ensures wherever feasible that equality and opportunity regardless of anyones age, gender, racial origin, religious persuasions or disability are treated with equal concern.We will use relevant materials and equipment that reflect the diverse society in which we live.


Child Protection Policy


At Heatherlea Dance as part of our child protection policy we will at all times be observant with regards to your child’s physical and bodily appearance. Should we feel there may be a problem, we will always contact the parent/guardian first and record all details necessary.

Should an allegation be made against a member of staff or volunteer, then the following procedure will be taken :
· Allegation to be notified to a senior member of staff for full investigation to take place.

It may be necessary on occasion during lesson times to seek physical contact with a pupil for correctional purposes only. Teachers will request permission from all pupils before any physical contact is made.

Heatherlea Dance is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its pupils. Every individual in Heatherlea School of Dance should at all times show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the school.




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